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Commitment to Staff Proclamation 2023-2024

Commitment to Staff Proclamation 2022-2023 

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Wellness Resources:


EAP provides short-term, solution-focused counseling services that are easy to access. Your benefit includes up to 3 sessions per concern and covers all household adults. And, EAP can be used multiple times a year if you have a new concern to address. Concerns for which EAP offers support include:

  • Workplace concerns

  • Grief and loss

  • Interpersonal conflicts

  • Addiction and recovery

  • Anxiety, depression, or trauma

  • Stress management

  • Mental wellness

  • Parenting or eldercare support

  • Legal or financial issues

Your participation in EAP is voluntary and strictly confidential. EAP providers do not report back to your employer about the things you discuss in private counseling conversations. To learn more about how EAP protects your privacy and the limited exceptions to confidentiality, review the Notice of Privacy Practice for the Washington State EAP

To get started with individual and/or relationship counseling, please visit the EAP website for more information and/or contact EAP at 1-888-728-1408, you will need to provide Peninsula's Organizational Code - PSD401. 


EAP offers enhanced work/life resources which include legal assistance, financial counseling, and an employee support website. You can gain access to the work/life resources by logging into the website below using Peninsula's Organizational Code. 

 EAP Worklife Website, enter PSD401 in the Organization Code field

24/7 Support

All covered employees and their household adult family members have access to in-the-moment crisis counseling and referrals, no matter the time of day including weekends and holidays. For in-the-moment support, call EAP at 877-313-4455.

When you call and if you hear the phone system greeting and need to speak to someone right away for in-the-moment support, select option 2. Inform the staff member that you need in-the-moment support.

Awareness, Education, and Resources

Publications - EAP monthly employee and supervisor newsletters cover work and personal life topics related to professional, personal, and workplace well-being. You can subscribe to newsletters here.

Webinars - EAP offers live and on-demand webinars on a variety of topics, including stress management, self-care, resilience, and leading teams through change. Current and past webinars are here.

Resources - Visit EAP's Resources page for a variety of resources, including suicide prevention, grief & loss, racism & mental health, and COVID-19.

SEBB Smart Health for SEBB eligible employees: 

SmartHealth is the School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) voluntary wellness program that supports you on your journey toward living well. It is included in your SEBB benefits at no cost to you. 

SmartHealth supports the whole person well-being. Join activities that support all of you, including managing stress, building resiliency, and adapting to change. 

Here are a few things to expect: 

  • SmartHealth will be unavailable from January 1 through 4, 2023 while it is being reset for the new year.
  • After January 4, you can complete the SmartHealth well-being assessment. You will self-report how well you are doing in several life areas. SmartHealth will then customize your experience by offering activities that align with your assessment results.
  •  If you meet the requirements to qualify for the incentive in 2022, your incentive will be applied by the end of January 2023. Look for the “How do I find my $125”  activity in SmartHealth.
  • Subscribers enrolled in a SEBB medical plan can qualify for a $125 wellness incentive in 2023. Complete the well-being assessment (worth 800 points) and reach  2,000 points by the November 30, 2023 deadline.
  • If you waived SEBB medical coverage or are a spouse or state-registered domestic partner of a SEBB or PEBB subscriber, you can access SmartHealth, but you cannot qualify for the wellness incentive.

To learn more about SmartHealth, visit the SEBB (Smart Health (SEBB website) and/or watch this SmartHealth video.

SEBB Highlighted SmartHealth activities (you must be logged into your SmartHealth account to access the following links): 

Other SEBB wellness benefits: 


Call Limeade at 1-855-750-8866 (Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) or email support@limeade.com.